Global Maritime C Band and Ku Band satellite internet communications

   We offer worldwide coverage and a high end structure complying to the various requirements of our customers, with antennas ranging from 1.2m to 2.4m, depending on the satellite coverage. You can see an example of such a maritime VSAT installation in the picture attached.

   We can design any kind of communication via satellite topology, independent from terrestrial providers, guaranteeing the highest quality of service. Our maritime VSAT solutions can be personalized according to the specific client's needs and are already used all over the world by satisfied customers.

   You can have your fleet constantly connected to your network, allowing the development and centralization of on board applications. We can offer you global, regional and multi-regional coverage, in C band and Ku Band, according to your requirements. The VSAT maritime solution allows the crew and passengers to use Internet, exchange e-mails, phone with VoIP system, Fax, use mobile or standard phones and other evolved applications as well as be connected no matter what the distance or the weather conditions are.

   You will benefit from data and voice communications facilities from/to fleet and offices, for crew and passengers and the possibility to use prepaid cards, GSM, Wi-Fi or the possibility of valued added services like centralized management, video conferencing, tele-medicine, tele-diagnostics, video surveillance and controlling (you will find an example below of such an on board technology).

   A special feature of our equipment is that in case of lack of signal, our technology allows the antenna system on board to change automatically satellite using a backup one. In the same way, when the vessel is at the border of the footprint, antenna will track automatically the new satellite

   We pride in our premium support, on duty 24 hours a day, covering all geographical areas (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East). Our maintenance centers are spread worldwide and they are on stand-by for antenna installation and on site survey. Our support centers for telecommunications and satellite service problems are always ready to resolve your problems and to offer you the best advice, in the minimum amount of time possible.

   Our system allows both passengers and crew to use cell phones as on land, short messages will find users wherever they are on the open seas, the system will automatically avoid interference with any nearby land based networks, GSM coverage on board can be activated automatically outside territorial waters, multiple simultaneous users are permitted, etc. Our iDirect equipment, in our Teleport, will be fully dedicated to your services. The bandwidth assignment among your vessels is performed automatically upon an initial configuration, but we can change each ship's bandwidth requirements and data/voice priority, according to your needs.

   We devote all our knowledge and efforts to offer a top service everywhere in the world, designed specially to meet any requests from our customers. Our solution allows each vessel to always have the bandwidth needed, increasing the quality of service without any added costs. We are your best choice in this field!

Value added Services for Lamit Company's solutions:
- Dynamic and automatic switch among different satellite coverage
- VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) end to end
- Any kind of VPN (Virtual Private Network) end-to-end: encrypted or not, open or private protocols;
- Teleconference, videoconference, VoIP (15Kbit preserving the best quality) FAX IP oriented (VOIP, FAX T.38 or con FAX server)
- Transposition over IP of traditional protocols for telecommunication services (i.e. POTS and analogic FAX);
- Engineering of back-up solutions on legacy or alternate Telecommunication services (e.g. Inmarsat, GPRS, Cellular CDMA, etc.), with fully automatic switching among different available links, based on a customisable policy.
- Customer portal, providing on-line information of connections, etc.
- Monitoring of On-board VSAT Equipment- and Network Status


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