Bidirectional Broadband Satellite Internet - Two way VSAT Technology - Fixed Solutions

Ku-Band Satellite Internet - iDirect/Comtech platforms

Broadband Two way Satellite Internet Acces through iDirect technology:

- iDirect’s modem broadband router is a simple “one box” solution that provides enterprise-class IP transport and traffic management over satellite networks.
- The NetModem II Plus, Series 3000, Series 5000 , Series 7000 and Series Evolution X3 are compact set-top terminal that delivers a satellite modem, IP router, TCP optimization over satellite, 3DES Encryption, and QoS/prioritization all in one easy to deploy solution. At the same time, it delivers the highest data throughput speeds in the industry today - 18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream. And, because it is highly scalable for both inbound and outbound data rates, it allows users to easily accommodate current and future twoway bandwidth requirements.

iDirect Technology - Broadband Two way Satellite Internet Connection:

- Designed to meet all the broadband needs of enterprise customers, the Two way iDirect satellite internet platform offers service providers industry leading network capabilities including Deterministic TDMA (D-TDMA), Turbo Product Code and highly configurable network management. Additionally, iDirect's satellite technology offers unique capabilities that optimize IP application performance through highly efficient real time bandwidth management, greater flexibility and enhanced reliability of the satellite internet technology.

Through Lamit Company, iDirect Technology is now being made available in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Americas and Indonesia offering stable, high speed satellite internet access, stable and reliable satellite internet connection.

The iDirect line of remote satellite routers (series 3000, 5000 and 7000 Infiniti),a simple “one box” solution, is part of a family of solutions designed to meet the communications challenges of customers anywhere in the world.

By providing different levels of functionality within the product lines, while insuring their interoperability, iDirect is uniquely capable of delivering the ideal networking solution for each customer network, or individual site based on their specific situation or challenges. iDirect’s combination of flexibility and scalability allow us to deliver all the functionality of traditional broadband networks, beyond the constraints of the wired world.

satellite internet acces iDirect

Special connections with Comtech modems: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, star, dedicated network.

We offer the widest range of bandwidth efficient modems available in the satellite internet industry. Based on technologically advanced components and innovative design, the Comtech modems (570L, 600L, 710G, Vipersat) include application software to provide superior performance and features. With data rates from 2.4 kbps to 155 Mbps, our extensive range of IF frequencies provides the options you need for operation with single or multiple transponders, and configurations to accommodate Low Noise Block Converters (LNBs) and Block Up Converters (BUCs). Vipersat includes Virtual Network Operator Support (VNO), capability that provides remote user access into the VMS via a server software application and a web-based client.

Comtech satellite internet modems include The Vipersat Management System (VMS) offering:

Centralized network and capacity management
Dynamic SCPC carrier allocation & true bandwidth on demand
Star and full mesh capabilities
Redundancy configurations for hub and remote hardware
Virtual Network Operation
Scalable from small to large networks
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) MIB for integration into hierarchical NMS platforms Operates over multiple transponders and satellites




Ku-Band Satellite Internet - Linkstar VSAT platform

LinkStar Broadband access to Satellite 2way Internet connections, is mainly dedicated for corporate and professional use:

- It adapts to any building, without the need for additional cabling, beside the existing infrastructure. Once implemented, the Two way Satellite Internet equipment is able to transmit the information (together with the relevant collateral devices) by Wi-fi (wireless transmissions) existent telephone lines or even CPL (through the electrical network).
- By using Wi-fi technology (wireless connections) together with the 2way satellite equipment, you will manage to "construct" and implement very easily, new sections of the administrated LAN (home or corporate LAN), whether you choose to become an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or just a home/business/corporate customer who needs a twoway satellite internet connection.

LinkStar Two way Internet Satellite Services and Solutions :

- Regardless of your current geographical position (all over the globe), we will help you develop the complete Broadband 2way Satellite Internet solutions, with LinkStar equipment, to become connected to the information age, anywhere, anytime.
- Together with the LinkStar Satellite Two-way Internet Services, complete solutions for VoIP (Voice over IP), VPN (Virtual Private Networking), Routing, Online video streaming, and others, are being made available.

Technical Operating Parameters

Linkstar broadband satellite internet

 ViaSat - LinkStar - Two way Satellite Internet Access Technology Brochure/Specifications. LinkStar Brochure

C-Band Satellite Internet - iDirect/Comtech VSAT platforms

Two way Satellite Internet services available in all of Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America, Caribbean-Andean, Southern Cone, Northeast, Southeast Zone, West Hemi, East Hemi, Southern Asia

C-band ("compromise" band) is a portion of electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave range of frequencies ranging from 4 to 6 GHz.
C-band is primarily used for satellite communications, normally downlink 3.7–4.2 GHz, uplink 5.9–6.4 GHz, usually 24 36-MHz transponders on board a satellite. Most C band satellites use linear polarization, while a handful (particularly older Intelsat satellites) use circular polarization.

We provide special connections on C-band all over the world including Asia (Far-East) and also special dedicated links for Middel East (special transmission capacities, encrypted and accelerated for military bases in Iraq and Afganistan or for Governmental purposes/projects) .

There are also available on request all types of special connections as follows : SCPC / SCPC, SCPC / DVB S2 connections, Dedicated Networks ( using dedicated Line Cards ), Broadcast and Multicast Services, satellite internet acceleration-hardware solution, using the Lamit 2Pro Server accelerator which can support any type of accelerated VPN connections (star, mesh or point to point).The features of the dedicated servers in Lamit Data Center allow a real time file delivery (a file sent from one point to the server which is intended to be simultaneously accessed by multiple users). There are also available the RTP ( real time protocol ) connection types for the surveillance or remote control systems.


Lamit 2Pro Server

- The new generation of the professional Lamit 2 Pro Servers are created for the satellite connection improvement and better administration, and have new allocated bandwidth optimization functions and, in the same time, a management and a total control of the internal network. The servers are created on many endowment levels regardless the networks type and dimension. Also, there has been put a big accent on the VoIP calls prioritization function, being taken into consideration the loss that might appear because of the internet satellite connection, together with a possible wireless connection and finally because of the VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) connection latency.

- The servers optimize: Navigation (http), the data transmission and reception speed, antivirus and antispam protection , VoIP optimization and prioritization, Load-Balancing among 2-20 different connections. You can find more details on the each server type description page. 

For more details : Lamit 2Pro Server

udgateway satellite internet connection

The UDgateway satellite router equipment, has been especially designed for satellite internet connections and it's being implemented only in this kind of situations.

The purchase of an UDgateway, together with any type of satellite internet subscription, will deliver to you, in the first place, performance and quality.

Here are a few advantages of the UDgateway satellite router:

- Increases the number of PC's (stations, computers), to which the satellite connection can be shared, by 1-2 times, maintaining the same high level of service quality (QoS - Quality of Service).
- It distributes the full twoway bandwidth capacity, in an optimal way.
- Offers the possibility of high traffic manageability as well as load balancing.
- Secures the local area network, and provides firewall functions, to protect from incoming threats.

 UDcast - UDgateway - Two way Satellite Internet Router Brochure / Specifications. UDgateway Brochure

View All UDcast - Lamit Satellite Aware Solutions And Products For Corporate or ISP IP Acceleration

The advantages of using a broadband 2way Satellite Internet Connection:

- Non-stop, around the clock, 24/24 hours, 7/7 days, customer support, as well as technical assistance and guidance regarding specifications of the two way satellite system.
- The full integration and implementation of you current LAN, to the satellite two-way broadband internet connection.
- Access to secondary or optional services like: Wireless (Wi-Fi) access, Firewall solutions and increased security, TCP/IP packet acceleration, HTTP page Cache, Routing services as well as others.

To whom, the 2way Internet Satellite Access addresses:
- Industrial company's
- Office Buildings
- Education Center's, Ministery's etc.
- Society's, Internet Cafe's, Publishing House's, and in general, to society's who require a high level of internet speed and transfer of data, in very short time, with minimal costs.

The Two way Satellite Internet Equipment Installation:

- For a 2way satellite access, the perimeter of the installation's site, must be chosen correctly, so that no obstacle exists in the path of communication between the antenna and the satellite.
- If there are less then 500 m from an airport, an installation is not possible, because of the twoway equipment microwave interference and sensibility.
- The standard installation, on the spot, contains: the antenna installation; the orientation of the antenna to the satellite beam; the utilization of the already existent wired infrastructure, to connect the VSAT terminal to the local area network; the installation of 20-30 m of coaxial cable (included in the price) ; the installation, configuration and software upgrade of the VSAT terminal as well as the testing of the final two way broadband satellite internet connection.

2way satellite internet provider

two way satellite internet security

Satellite Internet Optional Services and Solutions:

- VPN (Virtual Private Networking) connections and security; Domain hosting; Domain names; VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions; DNS ; Wi-Fi (Wireless) connectivity; CPL (inter-connectivity through the electrical network); VDSL (Very High Bit-rate DSL); hardware and software maintenance; training of technicians; technical assistance and guidance.
- An important aspect of the broadband two way satellite internet solutions, in the increased security. The data is more efficiently encrypted, using a better algorithm, thanks to the existent Datacenter (Hub) - Satellite - Client VPN (Virtual Private Networking).
Another important aspect is that a satellite internet connection is completely independent, running on it's own, in the most extreme and far away locations, anywhere in the world.
Using a satellite internet service, you do not only posses the latest satellite technology available, but also obtain very high speed of download and upload, increased security and all of this , at prices even lower than the the usual terestrial connections.

For any other information or questions for either LinkStar or iDirect two way satellite internet connections, please complete this Online Order Form or Contact us directly.

For Partnership / Distribution / Reseller / VAP contracts, please fill out the Reseller Form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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