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Earth Stations

Together with the small to medium business services and products, Lamit Company, working in close cooperation with Globecomm Systems Inc, offers Earth Stations construction and maintenance.

Using advanced equipment, techniques, procedures and professional installation teams, we assure our clients the best installations, services as well as post-installation support.

VSAT ground stationDuring the implementation of our projects, close cooperation between our Engineering, Logistics and Technical departments, as well as product vendors, enables the support structures to be designed and implemented to precisely the right specification for both antenna vendor and client side. In particular, this frequently requires the antenna to survive very high wind speeds in operational mode, to reduce the number of occasions that predicted hurricanes, tornadoes or typhoons force a stowing operation.

Viewing different needs, for different clients, we have developed independent solutions for each of our requests. Each Earth Station project is dealt with extreme care, by several teams of professionals.

The equipments differ very much, depending on their usage destination : broadcasting video or audio streams, the quality of the broadcast, the satellite that will be used, the geo location of the future Earth Station, type of technology used, Ku-Band, C-Band, Ka-Band etc., as well as the client's required antenna stations

All our stations can be non-redundant or redundant.

For more information or details about the building, construction or maintenance of satellite Earth Stations or Ground Station, from 1.2m to 36m antenna apertures, please Contact us

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