The Lamit 2 Pro servers - Acceleration, Network Management, IP VPN and VoIP Optimization for Satellite Internet Connections

Server Lamit 2 Pro

The new generation of the professional Lamit 2 Pro Servers are created for the improvement and better administration of the satellite and terrestrial connections, and have new allocated bandwidth optimization functions and, in the same time, a management and a total control of the internal network.The servers are created on many endowment levels regardless the networks type and dimension. Also, there has been put a big accent on the VoIP calls prioritization function, being taken into consideration the loss that might appear because of the internet satellite connection, together with a possible wireless connection and finally because of the VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) connection latency.

The new Lamit 2 Pro Server equipment functions with any internet system through Two Way Satellite Internet. When the equipment is connected on a satellite internet service, it is located between the VSAT modem and LAN. It’ role is to administrate the access traffic, your internal network stations control and limitation, minimum, limitation admitted for each user in the network, load balancing, IP routing, information security, the acceleration and the prioritazion of VoIP protocols. The load balancing function together with the optimized proxy functions for the satellite connection gives now the possibility for our company to offer professional services, even for medium ISPs, being possible the application of 2 independent satellite, terrestrial or mixt connections, this thing offering a maxim stability of the connection and an increased traffic capacity. So, for the user, it will consist in a considerable connection improvement.

The servers application offers, also, the possibility of accessing them from external areas, by our technicians, so implicitly, we can offer updating, optimization, reconfiguration, network control for our clients. Another very important application of the Lamit 2 Pro Servers is the HUBs setting up for mini metropolitan networks, applied by us especially for wireless networks, already developed by our company in all parts of Romania and abroad.

Lamit 2 Pro Server/Router/Accelerator is an easily to use graphic interface, being configured for satellite or terrestrial internet connections, particularly depending on each network necessities. There are integrated all the main IP facilities in the Lamit 2 Pro Server , such us: routing, QoS, security, VPN, samba storage, ftp, apache http, gmail, pstfix, compression and cache, webmail, hosting, and also the technology of the VoIP performance increasing.The new Lamit 2 Pro Server technology offers an improved working experience for the user, based on the two-way TCP acceleration, the based on QoS traffic differentiation, preloading HTTP, cashe, web, DNS, IP acceleration and port acceleration, too.

In the same time, our servers can assure the VPN, as well as the previous equipment, but with a much more flexible technology, from this level being possible to assure and to control even the satellite dedicated connection, even when it does not permit the satellite access, being just a satellite data connection VPN. The communications between the VPN locations are private and encrypted in MD 5 by 128 bit. The new Lamit 2 Pro Server technology accelerates the upload and download performances, by compression and acceleration of both directions and of all the applications based on TCP protocol.

Specification of the Lamit 2 Pro Server/Router/Accelerator

# Basic Features

- System's General Control Interface (supports SSL)
- serial console interface for recovery
- set LAN IP address
- reset password
- restore factory defaults
- reboot system
- wireless support (access point with PRISM-II/2.5/3 cards, BSS/IBSS with other cards including Cisco)
- captive portal
- 802.1Q VLAN support
- stateful packet filtering
- block/pass rules
- logging
- NAT/PAT (including 1:1)
- DHCP client, PPPoE, PPTP and Telstra BigPond Cable support on the WAN interface
- IPsec VPN tunnels (IKE; with support for hardware crypto cards and mobile clients)
- PPTP VPN (with RADIUS server support)
- static routes
- DHCP server
- caching DNS forwarder
- DynDNS client
- SNMP agent
- traffic shaper
- SVG-based traffic grapher
- firmware upgrade through the web browser
- Wake on LAN client
- configuration backup/restore
- host/network aliases

## Advanced Features

- Wireless a/b/g wpa_supplicant
- Incoming load balancing pools
- PPPoE Server
- Themes
- setup wizard using xml -> web gui toolkit
- package xml -> web gui toolkit. RAPIDLY create packages and GUI's
- rebootless changes of settings
- multiple WAN Support
- outgoing load balancing pool
- pf (openbsd's packet filter) with satelite optimization policy
- CARP - for failover and clustersyncing (rules, trafficshaper, nat, IPSEC SAs...)
- failovercapable DHCP-Server with advanced settings (specify gateway, DNS, WINS)
- advanced support for wireless devices (including WEP, WPA, HostAP-mode, hardware-encryption if supported by driver, mac-filtering, hide SSID)
- Systemstatus with realtimegraphs including SWAP usage monitor
- ALTQ traffic shaping with integrated magic shaper wizard
- Queuegraphs for Trafficshaper
- Edit file option
- Execute command now in menu
- SSH Support
- Console support on COM1
- FTP-Proxy
- enhanced ALIAS-system
- enhanced configuration-system featuring a configuration history and partial config down-/uploads


### Enterprise Features

- ifdepd - building interface-dependencies
- ifstated - connection-checking
- pfflowd - converting PF-status-massages to Cisco NetFlow-Datagrams
- PFStat - Graphing
- NTOP - Enhanced network history data
- STunnel - wrap standard ports with SSL
- Pure-FTPD - Host FTP files
- Squid Transparent Proxy
- arpwatch - watch ethernet/ip-adress-pairings
- assp - Anti-Spam-Proxy
- doorman - portknocking to temporarily open ports
- freeradius - Radiusserver
- mtr - enhanced traceroute
- nmap - networkscanner for security auditing
- siproxd - proxy/masquerading for SIP-protocol
- spamd - fake SMTP-Server as Spam-Tarpit
- iperf - bandwidth-measuring
- netio - bandwidth-measuring

#### Pre-ordered Server configuration

The server it will be particularized for each client request:

- Hosting
- VPN acceleration
- HUB ( NOC network )
- Administration network star or mesh (for satellite, cable, fiber optic, Wireless - Wi Fi )
- Administration of your network with multiple providers ( Load Balacing )
- Centralization and archive administration of your network data
- Traffic controll and MRTG of for a defined period

Screenshot of the Lamit 2Pro Advanced Server features (2.3 STABLE version)

Lamit 2Pro Advanced Server Features Active Menu
New products /services of the Lamit 2 Pro Server

Server Lamit 2 Pro Features

Lamit 2 Pro Server Basic Features
Lamit 2 Pro MINI POWER - Wireless

Server Lamit 2 Pro Advance Features

Lamit 2 Pro Server Advanced Features

Server Lamit 2 Pro Packages

Lamit 2 Pro Server Enterprise
Lamit 2 Pro Server Enterprise

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