Software Solutions

• Technologies and qualifications:
   • .NET, J2EE, Sybase, SQL, AJAX, C/C++, embedded systems       programmer, database programmer
   • software project managers – PMP certified

• Recruitment:
   • professional, certified recruiters, specialized in software area

• Customer Support:
   • Experienced customer support personnel, with strong customer focus

• Technical Leadership layer:
   • Experienced software engineers – strong abilities of providing integrated solutions and multidisciplinary approaches.

• Experience:
   • CMM level 5 methodologies
   • Large and medium projects – client focus

Embedded software
Embedded software makes it possible to develop mobile telephones and mobile telephone accessories that are able to meet individual needs and that can be set up to react to signals between different devices – for example, between a mobile telephone and a wireless headset. Through the use of the in-built intelligence of embedded software, mobile devices can exchange information with other mobile devices and/or back-end systems.

Applications make it possible to communicate between more and more complicated functions and users. Increasingly, products are expected to be able to integrate with one another. This places a large demand on applications that make this interactive communication possible. The greater the possibilities are, the more the need for optimal integration and for an uncompromising solution that focuses on the development of user friendly applications.

An effective infrastructure supports communications opportunities and requires optimal performance and functionality. Complexity in a technical solution has to be handled at the same time as being able to quickly solve any challenges related to integration. We have developed infrastructure solutions with far reaching intelligence – spanning from scalable platforms to the distribution of mobile data services, to tools for simulating the next generation of wireless networks.

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