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Wireless Internet Networks
A wireless (Wi-Fi) WLAN is a wire (cable) free local area network, extended on a limited area, depending upon the equipments that are being used and their power, which allows data transfer and internet using radio waves.

Eliminating all types of cables, enables a higher network elasticity/flexibility, which can be configured in an optimum way by professionals to satisfy the needs of each end-user.

It's good to know that the equipments are not efficient without being correlated with the professionalism of the installation and configuration team. This is the reason why so many clients contact us after being disappointed by the low efficiency of their actual terrestrial or wireless network, although they installed the latest generation equipments with high overall costs.

Our team designs internet networks or wireless distribution networks (Wi-Fi) using strict measurements based on site-surveys, absolutely independent for each client or ISP.

We also implement already configured wireless and radio networks and solutions for corporations with coverages of 3 Km, 5 Km or 20 Km radius, like the iDirect solutions, that have already implemented the administration interface for 200 end users. These solutions are generally applicable to large societies, industrial companies that have large surfaces to cover with direct visibility, and who need vital mobile communications for their employees. These solutions are preconfigured for a large, but also a constant number of users, so they are not applicable for a growing ISP, or an ISP in transition, or networks having future projects, because there are hardware limitations.

For ISP clients, or for networks in transition with a large surface to cover and a growing number of users, a principal network is created, which later develops by adding additional equipments and bridges, the structure being adapted exactly for the future network.

It's good to know that Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) represents a category of products compatible with WLAN standards based on IEEE 802.11. The new standards that preceded 802.11 specifications, like 802.16 (WiMAX), are part of the actual networks and offer lots of improvements, from larger coverage areas to higher rates of transfer.

Generally, Wi-Fi networks can lose due to the wrong conception of the network, improper equipment, too far distances or natural phenomena (rain, snow, fog). Applicable laws limit the standards and power of the equipment and in the same time the spectrum for applicable frequency, reason forWireless wi-fi equipments conceiving the network with regard to the parameters imposed by low, represents a great challenge for our specialists.

differences between terrestrial networks and a wireless radio network are multiple, the wireless networks bringing many benefits:

- Unlike other radio wave systems or networks, Wi-Fi uses a radio frequency spectrum that doesn't need a license, so the user doesn't need approval for utilization.
- It allows the development of a local WLAN network without using any cables, reducing the necessary costs for the development of the network and avoiding different obstacles in implementation.
- Wi-fi is a global standard, which means that Wi-Fi clients can work in different countries.
- Various possibilities to connect the final user, through WLAN plug-in cards like PCMCIA, PCI, USB or various Wi-Fi systems like 802.11a or 802.11b or 802.11g integrated in most of the modern notebooks.
- Alternative or combined possibilities for building the network using Wi-Fi equipments, unidirectional or bidirectional, sectorial, directional or omnidirectional Wi-Fi antennas, access points with different powers and different gains.

The conclusion is that a performant wireless network is based on high quality equipments and the most important... specialized technicians in radio transmissions to implement it.

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